shawlsA recent editorial published in fuels the debate again between those of us who respect the “hijab” as our identity and those of us who want to simply be our “normal selves”. The editorial by an American Muslim convert highlights the Ahadeeth (sayings) of the prophet (saws) regarding women who decide to chose an alternate path to modesty as prescribed in Islam.

The issue I believe is not that whether women who choose not to wear the Hijab or dress modestly understand the Isalmic commandments, but rather has to do with the levels of faith. If you have faith (also called “Iman”), you will respect that faith and Iman (by following the commandments of the prophet and Quran). If you don’t, you will simply adopt other belief systems that would overtake the faith of Islam. Those other belief systems, for example, empowers the non-Hijab Muslim women to adapt the new change.

Again, it’s all about the level of faith and this concept applies to all walks of life. You opt to do certain things depending on the depth of your belief and commitment (unless you are being forced in some ways).