Quran is powerful enough to have driven anti-Islam people to develop websites that propagate false messages about Quran and Islam. Yes…it is true and sometimes unbelievable that people will go to such extra lengths to invest the time to build websites and populate it with misleading content…

What could be the motivation behind such sites? Obviously, it would be difficult to fool Muslims of such websites. The only logic seems to be that they may have a reason to dissuade non-Muslims interested to learn about Islam.

That is quite silly. Common wisdom will tell anyone that in this information age you can’t fool people with made-up information for too long. It doesn’t work that way.

Could there be other reasons? If yes, please share with everyone by letting us know,

In the meantime, here are the pseudo-Islamic websites that you don’t really need to know about but should be aware exist for misleading people.

http://www.islam-exposed.org/ - Unfortunately, a version of this fake Quran is also available at Amazon.


Lesson learned - Not everything claiming to be true is really true !