sharjahOver the past few hundreds of years, architects and artists have overly emphasized the elegance and architectural wonders of the western worlds while not equally highlighting the same for the Islamic architecture. However, glancing at the many architectural structures around the Muslim world as well as other non-Muslim countries, one can not ignore the magnificence of some of the buildings, mosques and palaces.  

These Islamic architectural styles have surfaced over the past hundred years that along with various facets of the Muslim culture have also captured the regional traditions of the peoples of those times when those structures were built. These structures in the form of the design of mosques, palaces, schools, market complexes and other buildings provide a glimpse of the ingenuity of Muslim architects over the past many years. We can see structures of various architectural styles from the eras of Prophet Muhammad, Abbasids, Ottomans, Mamluks and dynasties that ruled various Islamic countries, and so on.

In an effort to highlight the wonders of Islamic architecture and to promote ideas that can help in the design of future physical environments, the University of Sharjah is hosting a conference in April of 2008 the theme of which is around Islamic architecture and design. Some of the topics to be covered in the conference include the following –  

  • Learning from the Islamic Architectural & Urban Heritage

  • Orientalism: Western Imagination of Islamic Architecture

  • Regionalism and Universalism of Islamic Architecture

  • Islamic Ideals and Principles in Architecture & Design

  • Islamic jurisprudence and legislation related to architecture and urban fabric

  • Contemporary Design and Innovation in Islamic Architecture

  • Role of Craftsmanship

  • Islamic Architecture & Design in Sustainable Built Environment

  • Landscape Architecture

  • Examples and case studies of successful Contemporary Islamic Architecture and Urban Design projects

  • Innovative tools and Methods for Teaching Islamic Architecture & Design

  • Establishing Curricula for Islamic Architecture & Design 

More information on this conference can be found here…