Just as it seems things are settling down on the Pakistan-India front, someone or the other on the Indian side acts to hike up the tensions once more. First it was the Indian foreign minister, Pranab Mukherjee, who said that Islamabad was being evasive in its response to the 26/11 dossier. A day after that it was the Indian army chief, General Deepak Kapoor, who said that Pakistani troops had moved to the border with India and that "all options were open". Not without irony, the general at the same time warned that there was no need to build up war hysteria.

The general quite conveniently forgot to mention that Indian troops had also been mobilized or that fighter jets had crossed into Pakistani air space a few weeks ago, and that the Pakistani redeployment was probably a response to all of that. And on Jan 15, the remarks of the army chief were followed by a remarkable statement by Shri Mukherjee who said seemed to concede that those involved in the attacks could be tried and prosecuted in Pakistan.

This comes right after British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, after a meeting with his Indian counterpart in New Delhi, said pretty much the same thing. So while Mr. Mukherjee's most recent statement needs to be welcomed, the same cannot be said for General Kapoor's remarks, or even for what Shri Mukherjee said just a couple of days ago.

Do you think that there is an element of growing frustration in the Indian response? Do you second that passing saner statements would help reduce prevailing tension between Pakistan and India? And what steps need to be taken to boost the Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) in South Asia?

Your comments are welcome!